THE Ride

This class is taught by:

Shayne Welch

How I got into Indoor Cycling: I have always had a passion physical fitness and athletics! I took my first indoor cycling class in the 90's and I loved the controlled environment of indoor cycling for interval training (HIIT) and quickly became hooked. My Music: Everything Classic to everything pop! Occasionally I throw in some good old fashion rock and roll too! My Class: My goal is for everyone to leave my class feeling accomplished and strong! I love to teach riders how to get the most out of their time in class by checking bike form and empowering riders to utilize their RPM and Power to maximize their results. I am a grind it out kind of gal so will be focused on pushing you individually in a group setting!

Christie Ascione

Christie recently moved here from the city with her husband and 4 children. She has taught indoor cycling for years. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her music is a combination of Rock, Pop, Dance..anything high energy! She has also been working for @properties since it's inception. She is a talented, well rounded person who you will love!!
Ask ANYONE who has already had the pleasure of riding with her and they will tell you they LOVE HER CLASS.
This signature 55 minute class is designed to burn calories, build endurance and leave you feeling stronger. Each Ride is set to a carefully crafted playlist taught by our fantastic instructors who will guide you in high-intensity interval training, climbs, and a cooldown.