Nina Allocco

How I got into indoor cycling: A friend from Evanston introduced me to Spynergy and it didn’t take long to get hooked. I quickly became a regular rider, and later, an instructor. As a former athlete, school teacher, and rock-and-roll musician, teaching cycling combines many of my early life passions before becoming a mother of three.

My music: My classes feature a wide variety of artists and genres, carefully selected to match the rhythm and intensity of the ride. You will hear the favorites, old and new, and hidden gems that never make the radio playlist. I post my rides to our website, so you can answer the question: “What was that great song?”

My ride: I share my love of music, fitness, and people in each ride. I keep the energy high and push hard to bring out your very best. You’ll have fun and feel powerful and inspired the rest of the day.


Nina Allocco instructs the following:
  • THE Ride
  • 50 minutes of high intensity interval training plus a 5 minute cool down.  

  • Endurance Ride
  • Join us for an endurance ride. Work at a moderate level with a steady pulse for 50 minutes and call largely on fat for energy.