All Spynergy classes feature instruction, music, and videos to create a fun and effective workout environment. Our instructors help riders of all abilities adapt the workout to their own fitness levels. Sample class types featured on the Spynergy online schedule include:

This signature 55 minute class is designed to burn calories, build endurance and leave you feeling stronger. Each Ride is set to a carefully crafted playlist taught by our fantastic instructors who will guide you in high-intensity interval training, climbs, and a cooldown.
55 Minutes of heart pumping full body workout! Build lean muscle mass by combining THE Ride with free weights sequences on the bike, all set to an energizing playlist. Weights will be provided.
THE Ride abridged (45 minutes). A little shorter, and just as effective! The instructor will guide you through a great ride that will burn calories, build endurance and make you feel ready to take on the rest of your day.
THE Ride:
Ride with John to the great music of Tom Petty.
THE Fest:
Grab your complimentary Spynergy pint glass and join us next door at The Sharp Shop patio for beers and brats after the class!
Come get an energizing workout designed for students but everyone is welcome!! A student will lead the class with all the latest and greatest music. Special $10 student rate (13-21 years of age)

Theme Classes

Spynergy prides itself on our great themed rides.  We have featured artists such as the Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, U2, REM and  The Who.  You will also find some classes dedicated to a style of music such as hip hop or pop, One Hit Wonders, 80's, Glee Spin...and much more. Look for these rides on our schedule.