How I got into indoor cycling:  I have been teaching exercise since college.  From aerobics to step, kickboxing, strength training, boot camp and finally indoor cycling.  I love it all.
My Music: High energy..from Tom petty and the Stones to The Lumineers. There is a little something for everybody.
My ride:  My goal is to motivate riders to work hard and enjoy doing it. Be in the moment mentally and get so much out of it physically. The ride is designed to the beat of the music with varying pace and resistance triggering intermittent intervals and recovery that boost your post workout metabolism and increase your fitness level.
How I Got into Indoor Cycling:  My love of indoor cycling began in the early 90's.  I love the rush it gives me - there is no better feeling than the end of a great class.
My Music: The most important thing about the music for me is the energy and the beat.  It has to make you want to move!!  Outside of being a diehard U2 fan, I try to include everything from current pop to hip hop - think Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Pitbull. I also love old and new rock such as Coldplay, Bruce, Stones and Mumford. Alternative music such as Airborne Toxic Event and Snow Patrol will also be heard in my class.
My ride:  My goal is motivate and inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and get as much as they can from their workout.  I use high intensity interval training to help build cardio strength and endurance and plus I just love intervals. The great energy in the room helps all of us work our butts off, burn calories and have fun. It's the best way to start off the day.
How i got into indoor cycling: I was looking for an alternative to running. I found the cardio workout and results of spinning were far better. That was in 2003.
My music:  Alternative, some classic rock. I try to play high energy and inspiring music that people might listen to outside of spinning.
My ride: My objective is to have fun during a challenging workout. I use high intensity interval training (HIIT) to increase cardio strength, capacity, and endurance. Variety is key, so I try to mix climbing with fast flats and intervals.
How did you get into indoor cycling?: I have been spinning since (when?) I have been teaching at Spynergy since 2004. I have truly enjoyed meeting new people and being part of such a healthy and rich environment.
My Music : As an instructor, I am very passionate about each and every class. My music is very personal to me and has become a way for me to express myself. I want everyone in the class to partner with the music and enjoy the ride.
My ride: I love bringing people together for one hour a day to focus on their mind, body and soul. I love working in such a positive environment where everyone is there to better themselves.. Ride the music, Feel the Road, Visualize YOU
How I got into indoor cycling: A friend from Evanston introduced me to Spynergy and it didn’t take long to get hooked. I quickly became a regular rider, and later, an instructor. As a former athlete, school teacher, and rock-and-roll musician, teaching cycling combines many of my early life passions before becoming a mother of three.

My music: My classes feature a wide variety of artists and genres, carefully selected to match the rhythm and intensity of the ride. You will hear the favorites, old and new, and hidden gems that never make the radio playlist. I post my rides to our website, so you can answer the question: “What was that great song?”

My ride: I share my love of music, fitness, and people in each ride. I keep the energy high and push hard to bring out your very best. You’ll have fun and feel powerful and inspired the rest of the day.

How I got into indoor cycling: Bicycling Magazine ran an article in the February 1997 issue about Spinning. It was the first time I'd seen bicycle training in a Group X format, and I was looking for a way to maintain a base level of cycling fitness during the winter. After a 20 minute promo class I was hooked. I have been teaching for over 16 years. And yes, it worked better than I'd hoped.
My Music: Everything I've ever listened to. All decades, all genres. A rider may find themselves in a class with music from a different artist every song, or with songs from select featured artists, or even 1 artist.  
My Class: Is geared for those who like to Ride, indoors or out, or who want a challenging workout. It's usually All Terrain, with Intervals (which can be 20 second Sprints, Tabata's, 1-1's, or Maximal Endurance of up to 5 minutes or more), Hills - anywhere from 3-15 minutes or more in length, and Running Intervals of various lengths. Heart Rate Monitors or Rate Of Perceived Exertion friendly.
How I got into indoor cycling: I've been a runner all my life and I when I discovered indoor cycling I got hooked. It's a great addition to my cardio workouts. I enjoy the change of pace throughout the ride & the challenges that sprinting and climbing offer to my fitness - all during the same class! 
My music:  I play everything from current hip hop and pop, alternative rock and love the old time classics such as the Stones, Bruce Springsteen and The Who. I'm always up for requests, so if there's a song you love with a strong beat, i'll play it!
My ride:  I have found with indoor cycling that I can do my "track work outs" or intervals on the bike.  I coach girls XC at New Trier and coaching on the bike comes naturally.
How I got into indoor cycling: Running was my passion until a friend brought me to Spynergy in 2007. Within weeks I was hooked! I have been riding at Spynergy several days a week for the past seven years. I love it so much that this past summer I decided I must get certified and teach at Spynergy.

My music: I choose artists and songs that energize, make you want to move and push yourself to the limit. I play the current pop - Avicii, Rihanna, Flo Rida, Imagine Dragons, but also Hip-hop and Alternative and of course the great bands, Killers, U2, Mumford. I will also reach back to Motown, disco, classic rock.

My ride: My goal is to bring my energy and love of the ride to people of all fitness levels. I want riders to leave feeling more energized, ready to face the day and with a smile on their face.

How I got into indoor cycling: My love of cycling started while I was living in Aspen. Since then, I have become a marathoner, triathlete, snowboarder and an avid spinner.
My Music:  My playlists include the TRIPLE Cs of music: Classics, Current, and her new love... Country! As long as the music has a great beat and a happy tune, I will play it in my class! My "Country" rides usually have some Dixie Chicks, Zac Brown Band, Jason Aldean, and Blake Shelton.  For my "Spynergy" rides you can bet on hearing some Counting Crows, Coldplay, Avicii, Needtobreathe, Pink and for sure some FLO RIDA or PITBULL.
My ride: As the mother of five, I know what it takes to commit, coach, and lead! Prioritizing health and fitness with home and work life is a challenge for us all. I try to meet this challenge head-on and maximize the impact of your invested time and minimize any fear you’ve ever had for joining a group fitness experience.
Christie recently moved here from the city with her husband and 4 children. She has taught indoor cycling for years. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her music is a combination of Rock, Pop, Dance..anything high energy! She has also been working for @properties since it's inception. She is a talented, well rounded person who you will love!!
Ask ANYONE who has already had the pleasure of riding with her and they will tell you they LOVE HER CLASS.
How I got into Indoor Cycling: I have always had a passion physical fitness and athletics! I took my first indoor cycling class in the 90's and I loved the controlled environment of indoor cycling for interval training (HIIT) and quickly became hooked. My Music: Everything Classic to everything pop! Occasionally I throw in some good old fashion rock and roll too! My Class: My goal is for everyone to leave my class feeling accomplished and strong! I love to teach riders how to get the most out of their time in class by checking bike form and empowering riders to utilize their RPM and Power to maximize their results. I am a grind it out kind of gal so will be focused on pushing you individually in a group setting!
How I got into indoor cycling: Spynergy! "Take your kid to work day" I always chose to go with my mom, Spynergy co-founder Jen Solberg. After teaching teen spin I never looked back. I've been teaching for ten years and it's always the highlight of my day! 

My ride: It's all about the music and building the energy in the room. I make an effort to feature new music and change up the sequence each class. I strive to motivate you to the max each class and am grateful for each student that walks in the door. I can’t wait to help you see what you are capable of!
How I got into indoor cycling: One of my favorite hobbies is recreational cycling, marathons and Ironman competitions. In 1997, I joined the Massachusetts General Hospital cycling team and began raising funds to help cure diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. Living in an area with short summers and long winters, my training needed to be taken indoors. In 2000, I obtained my certification as a Group Fitness Instructor through the Johnny G. Spinning Program. A year later I was certified as a Personal Trainer through the National Council of Strength and Fitness and am a certified Sport Nutrition Specialist.
My Music: I like to play eclectic music with beats and rhythms that allow me to coordinate resistance and cadence.
My ride: My personal mission is to reach as many people as I can and bring happiness and health to their lives through inspiration, coaching, and education on the importance of health and wellness. My training is geared toward triathletes, cyclists, runners and everyone in between.
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